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 Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my set up fee of 299?

We will optomize, set up/create accounts on the following platforms: Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn and give you FULL access and a 30 minute training session on how to use our software, if you want to opt in to our monthly DIY plan. This includes all content, graphics, bios, office hours and tab creation for your sites. We will make sure your profiles are complete and ready to go for posting. 


What if I need more than those three accounts? 

Not a problem! We can also help you get set up with your Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and MORE. Each set up is an additional $50 per account. 


What if I need more help? 

Also not a problem! At Econcept Inc., we are your one stop DIY service. We can assist you with graphic design, website design, Wordpress customization, e-commerce, content creation and much....much more. 

What if I don't like what you do? 

Set up fees are fully refundable within 72 hours if you have a change of heart. After that, set up fees are refundable on a pro-rated basis. All set up and optimization will occur within 30 days of payment, so if you are unhappy with progress for ANY reason, you can cancel and be refunded time you didn't use. 

What about monthly service fees? 

Most businesses need the premium service, but we realize if you aren't there just yet. Start with our $____ plan which gets you three - four posts per day, on three platforms, one contest/giveaway per month, and see how it helps your business. We offer month to month plans, so you can cancel at ANY time. Each additional platform on our management plan comes at a fee of $50 per platform, per month. 

Reputation managment? 

We can help you get off the ground, registered with Google Places, Yelp and even Foursquare. Our reputation management software alerts you to reviews in real time, so you can respond to customer issues or problems in an open forum. Need some help with this? We can do that too. www.ReviewBlasters.com

Social expert? 

Social media management is NOT one size fits all. Not all types of busiensses belong on all platforms. This is why we have dedicated social experts at the ready to help YOU determine the right venues for your business. We give a targeted, pragmatic approach based only on what is appropriate and all of our monthly management clients receive reports just like this one so they know we have a strategic plan that changes and is as fluid as your business is. 

How do we know what's working?

Not only do we show you where to look and provide you screenshots and links of where to find analytics for all your social media accounts, we give you REAL time reporting via our software, that you can log in and monitor ANYTIME. We believe transparency in business is equal to trust. If you have questions or issues with anything at any time, we are more than happy to address them. 

How do I get started? 

Econcept Inc. believes the best way to do business is by showing you small, targeted real time results. So here's what you do. You go to our "Get Started" page, you sign up for the set up of $299. You get in contact with us about optimization of three accounts BEFORE we discuss monthly plans or anything else (after you receive our confirmation email). You make sure YOU are satisifed with your results within the 72 hour refund period. Then? We move forward from there. We will give you updates and new plans as your marketing budget allows, but we don't want to put the cart before the horse, or ask for a commitment before we can estabilsh a relationship with you. 

And we back it up, because we are verified through Pay Pal. So if you have an issue with US, you can still get your money back (which you won't want to...but still) by knowing we are trusted through them, and we don't like complaints any more than you do, you know your investment is safe, and that you are working with a company who isn't about whistles and bells, but rather, about practical results. 

So you're still on this page...why? Let's see if we can work together! I bet you we can. :) 

Everything we do at Valkeryie Consulting is built with YOU in mind: service, protection and safety in a world of social media managers and experts who will take your money, we don't want it. WE want to prove to you that we earned it first. NO one else offers a guarantee like this, or Pay Pal protection as we do. Think on that before you sign up elsewhere. 

Oh...and welcome back. 

Any other questions? Anything we forget?